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Shipping Container Accessories


Accessories to improve storage, security, access and ventilation

DIY Shelving

Do you need to store a lot of items safely and efficiently inside a shipping container, maximising the space usage? Our heavy duty DIY shelving is the perfect solution!

  • Easy Adjustable shelf heights
  • Convenient – comes flat packed inside the container, ready to assemble immediately
  • Light weight but strong Steal construction – powder coated paint.
  • Shelving inserts can be removed easily if required (to store things like tyres and gym balls etc)
  • Has bolt holes on the base of each leg to fix to the floor of the container if required
  • 3 bays perfectly fit down one full length of a 20’container, or 6 bays down one full length of a 40’ container
  • Easy to construct. It takes 2 people with no experience approximately 20 minutes


Did you know that containers can build up a lot of heat in summer? With nowhere to go, this hot, moist air, is forced into goods inside containers. This is particularly a problem for any wood/paper products, upholstery, and stock feed; and can present a hazard for fuel driven machines. Conversely, in Winter, the colder air outside the container can condense inside the container and cause dripping moisture. The easy and cost effective solution? Our Whirly Bird and vent combo, to even out temperature inside the container, and allow the expulsion of trapped air.

  • Steel construction
  • Vermin proof mesh inside
  • Custom made frame mount (seals the whirly to the roof properly)
  • Easy to complete installation on site with 3 simple screws (cannot be mounted on the container for transport)
  • Efficient – self driven (no power required)


Standard padlocks may not fit, or may be difficult to use. Ours are slim line, and very heavy duty, specifically designed to work best with our security lock boxes. Come with 2 keys.


Designed to allow access into standard shipping containers that are located at ground level. Made from recycled rubber, their modular design allows for quick and easy installation by one person, using the bone connectors (supplied) to link 8 sections together to form the complete ramp.

8 easy link sections

10,000kg load capacity

160mm (H) x 2200mm (W) x 1250mm (D)


Containers come with aligning holes on their handles to easy accommodate a padlock for security. When someone tries to break into a container, unfortunately a padlock is quickly and easily removed with a set of bolt cutters. The solution? A security lock box.

  • Welded securely to fit over the door join when closed
  • Virtually  impossible to access a padlock inside the box with bolt cutters
  • Works perfectly with our slim profile heavy duty padlocks
  • You would need an oxy or alike to break through – a deterrent for most would be thieves!


As shipping containers are designed to carry goods on ships, the doors need to be water tight and close firmly. When containers are used for general purpose storage instead of on nice level ships or trains, they can sometimes be placed on uneven surfaces. The result is often that doors become very difficult to open. The cost effective easy solution for most scenarios? Leveling blocks.

  • Cheap
  • Easy – comes inside the container on delivery
  • Added longevity – keeping the container off the ground prevents moisture sitting in constant contact from the ground to the underside of the container – making the gradual decline of the under structure vastly slower.
  • Treated Pine or Hardwood
  • Still able to deliver on a Tilt tray, and be placed on the blocks (one under each corner is usually sufficient)


Need to match a container into it’s surroundings? Want a longer lasting container? Desire a better-looking container?

Standard Colours

Colorbond Colours

The solution is repainting! At Containers First, we can offer a range of repainting options, from economy to premium. We have a standard colour range for the budget conscious, or for additional investment, we can paint your container in any of the colourbond range, or even a more specific colour. (prices vary – contact us for more info)


Stand container end doors can be a challenge to open and close. Do you need frequent easy access to your container? A personal Access Door or roller door is the perfect solution!


Specifically designed to be able to easily attach to the Lashing rings inside the container, these simple but effective straps will hold even a heavy load very securely inside a container. Fast and easy to release, no additional fittings needed

50mm x 9m, 2000kg load capacity

C/W double J hooks