Your Shipping Container Delivery Guide

WARNING – It is difficult to select the correct delivery type and the team at Containers First are here to help and advise you through the process. It is however critical that the correct delivery type is selected. The wrong delivery type, or site conditions not conducive to delivery (including extend wait time of more than 30min as a result of the site not being ready to access etc), will result in a “Failed Delivery”, or additional wait time charges; this can become very expensive to the CUSTOMER, and to be avoided at all costs. The responsibility is solely on the customer (who knows the site location) to ensure site conditions, and container delivery type are correct. Site conditions may include (but not limited to) things like boggy, sloped, or uneven ground; overhead wires/tree branches/house eves/other structures; raised site for the container, container stacking, and door direction for loading.


Tilt Tray delivery is an excellent and cost-effective choice for delivery, where access and space is not strictly limited. In this method, the tray of the truck lifts up from the cab, allowing the…READ MORE


A Side Loader is the best solution for delivery when there is limited space in front or behind where the container is to be located. Side loader delivery is ideal when the shipping container is…READ MORE


10’ (3m), 20’ (6m) & 40’ (12m) container HI-AB delivery HI-AB Trucks have a mounted crane to position a container at any angle to the delivery truck (e.g. 90 º, 45°, etc.) They can also place a container on a platform/piers/raised area, over obstructions such as…READ MORE


20’ (6m) Truck and Trailer Delivery This option is suitable for long-distance delivery of 2 x 20’ containers, but where access means they cannot be delivered on one Semi. With this option, the trailer can be disconnected on…READ MORE

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