Deerubbin Water

Modified Shippping Contianer - Deerubbin Water




  • Fully transportable to AS4615.1 and AS4615.2
  • Capable to be filled with water with minimal side wall extension to 26kn/M2 at 2.6 meter of water.
  • Internal / external ladder access systems
  • Inspection widow at 1.3 meters optional if sight required from outside – in
  • 100mm butterfly valve for filling / empting

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Even thought this container may not look as innovative as many other modifications do it is what is hidden away from view that makes this job interesting.
Deerubbin Water Features where in need of a top loading square tank to store extremely heavy Ultrafiltration Membranes that must be store wet. Containers First developed a proprietary system to re-enforce the take for large volume of liquids
Shipping container case study pdf download
Containers First_Case Study_v3_Deerubbin

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