Tilt Tray delivery is an excellent and cost-effective choice for delivery, where access and space is not strictly limited. In this method, the tray of the truck lifts up from the cab, allowing the container to slide in a controlled and safe manner slowly until the back edge is on the ground. The truck then drives forward, and the container remains stationary, continuing to gently slide lower down the tray of the truck until it is wholly unloaded.

10’ (3m) or 20’ (6m) container delivery

Space requirements:

  • Allow a tilting height of 5m for a 20’ container.
  • Allow a travelling height of 4.2m for a standard height container
  • Allow a total Length of 20m, for a 20’ Container on a truck who’s maximum load is 1 x 20 container only.
  • Allow and a Width 3.5m for either 20’ or 40’ deliveries

NOTE: Max 9 tons

40’ (12m) container delivery

Space requirements:

  • Allow a tilting height of 6m for a 40’ container.
  • Allow a total Length of 40m, for a 40’ Container on a semi.
  • Allow and a Width 3.5m for either 20’ or 40’ deliveries.

NOTE: Max 9 tons

This is provided as a guide only. Delivery trucks vary between different makes and models. If you have specific delivery requirements please discuss in detail with your Containers First Customer Service Specialist before finalising your order.

WARNING – It is difficult to select the correct delivery type and the team at Containers First are here to help and advise you through the process. It is however critical that the correct delivery type is selected. The wrong delivery type, or site conditions not conducive to delivery, will result in a “Failed Delivery” this can become very expensive to the CUSTOMER, and to be avoided at all costs. The responsibility is solely on the customer (who knows the site location) to ensure site conditions, and container delivery type are correct. Site conditions may include (but not limited to) things like boggy, sloped, or uneven ground; overhead wires/tree branches/house eves/other structures; raised site for the container, and container stacking.

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