Insulated & Temperature Controlled Containers

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Why Pay More?
Containers First offers high-performance insulated rooms and refrigerated cool rooms that will save you money over the leading manufactured brands. That’s because we start with economical new and used shipping containers and convert them into insulated or temperature-controlled walk-in storage rooms – you’re not paying to build a completely new unit from the ground up.

Containers First insulated containers provide a durable and protected environment for a wide range of practical uses including:

  • Wine Storage
  • Furniture and Fine Art Collections
  • Electronics Storage
  • Historical Archives
  • Photographs and Film Reels
  • Any other temperature-sensitive goods


Our 6m(20’) and 12m(40’) insulated containers are the most cost-effective solution for all your perishable goods shipping and storage needs. Our containers offer fully adjustable thermostat-controlled food-grade quality storage that is durable, secure and easy to transport or reposition on site. Applications of Containers First refrigerated units include:

  • Perishable Goods Distributors
  • Dairy Products
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Special Events Catering
  • Farmers Markets
  • Plastic Resin Storage
  • Importers and Exporters
  • Resin Storage
  • Cold Room Labs
  • Hospital/Biotech Storage
  • Institutional Cafeterias
  • Emergency Food Transport
  • Temporary Food Storage for Renovations

Containers First cool rooms and chillers are also stronger and more robust than most purpose-built brands. Each mini-warehouse includes solid steel framework, heavy-duty insulation, and aluminium t-bar flooring for additional strength.Plus, all units are sized to industry standards to save on future transport costs, and they are easy to reposition on-site with a forklift

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