Used Shipping Container For Sale Held A Treasure Trove of Historic Movie Memorabilia!

A Victorian farmer’s humble shipping containers played a starring role in preserving movie memorabilia from posters to projectors dating back 100 years or more. All found in a Used Shipping Container For Sale.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, four Used Shipping Container For Sale containing floor to ceiling treasure troves of film history were bought in an estate sale last year and are now destined for “The Rex” – a community-owned theatre in Charlton.

Historic Films stored in a shipping container - Used Shipping Container For Sale

Used Shipping Container For Sale

The farmer and lifetime movie buff who passed away in 2011 was Keith McDonald, the former operator of the St Arnaud’s town hall projector. David Pollard, mayor of Buloke Shire and now the new curator of the collection, says The Rex plans to build a museum at the theatre to display many of the historic items. Mr Pollard, a projectionist at The Rex since 1980, is also the theatre’s vice chairman.

Just some of the more noteworthy contents of the four shipping containers according to the Herald include:

  • Film of the 1930 Melbourne Cup, famously won by Phar Lap
  • A 100-year old hand crank Pathe projector
  • scenes from around Geelong on colour painted glass slides – estimated to be from the 1800s
  • 1937 reels of Walt Disney’s Snow White
  • Copy of the 1914 film serial Exploits of Elaine
  • A 1938 film on nitrate of A Desperate Adventure
  • A timber box office
  • Old film of Melbourne trams
  • A 1951 post of The Frogmen
  • Vintage microphone and 16mm silent-film projector

Whilst plans for the museum are still being formulated, the collection is temporarily stored at Mr Pollard’s Teddywaddy farm.

We don’t know how long the farmer had been using the shipping containers as storage vaults for his amazing collection, but we’re guessing decades. Goes to show you how durable these steel boxes really are.

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