Easy Shipping Container Ventilation


Did you know that containers can build up a lot of heat in summer? With nowhere to go, this hot, moist air, is forced into goods inside containers. This is particularly a problem for any wood/paper products, upholstery, and stock feed; and can present a hazard for fuel driven machines. Conversely, in Winter, the colder air outside the container can condense inside the container and cause dripping moisture. The easy and cost effective solution? Our Whirly Bird and vent combo, to even out temperature inside the container, and allow the expulsion of trapped air.

  • Steel construction
  • Vermin proof mesh inside
  • Custom made frame mount (seals the whirly to the roof properly)
  • Easy to complete installation on site with 3 simple screws (cannot be mounted on the container for transport)
  • Efficient – self driven (no power required)
Whirly Bird & Vent System From: $550 + GST

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