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Containers First stocks one of the largest selections of new intermodal shipping containers for sale, hire or lease in the country. Our ISO shipping containers include 6m (20ft.) and 12m (40ft.) sizes. Each was designed and built to full International Organisation for Standardisation specifications, and certified sea, rail and road transport ready. Our 3m (10ft.) new shipping containers do not conform to international shipping standards due to their smaller size, however they are ideal for heavy-duty domestic shipping of goods, and the 3m units’ durability and smaller footprint are always in high demand for use as portable storage units.[singlepic id=94 w=450 h=450 float=center]

All our “as-new” condition shipping containers are “one-trip” (transported only once with cargo from Asia to Australia) and are in perfect condition with few – if any – minor cosmetic imperfections. Wether for transport or storage, you can expect your new container to last for many, many years to come with only minimal maintenance.

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New shipping containers make excellent storage solutions. These units arrive at Containers First straight from the manufacturer in nearly brand new condition. They’re strong, secure, waterproof, durable, and long-lasting. Plus, they’re affordable; the cost to build a similar storage facility from the foundation up could be very expensive – and you couldn’t take it with you if you ever need to relocate.

Standard Storage – 3m / 6m / 12m

All Containers First’s standard 3m, 6m, and 12m new portable shipping containers are an excellent choice for any kind of dry goods storage you need to keep safe and secure, even in the harshest environments.

Extra-Tall Storage – High Cube 3m / 6m / 12m

New High Cube shipping containers provide an extra 30cm (about 1ft.) in height, and were originally designed for economical shipping of voluminous or bulky dry goods (such as clothing). While the length and width are standard, the interior height of the unit (2.65m/8’9” floor-to-ceiling) is perfect for storing taller items, stacking more items higher, or adding another row of shelving.

Extra-Tall & Extra-Wide Storage – Two-Pallet High Cube 3m / 6m / 12m

Our new Two-Pallet High Cube shipping containers offer an additional 30cm (about 1ft.) in interior height, and are 6cm (about 2.4”) wider. This configuration is ideal for accommodating two side-by-side rows of Australian standard cargo pallets. Many of our business customers use new Two-Pallet High Cubes for temporary storage of extra inventory because of the unit’s efficient two-deep pallet size, and how easy it is for a forklift to move pallets in and out.


Need some changes or additions to your new container? Containers First is home to one of the best new shipping container modification teams in the industry. We can install personal doors and glass windows, vents and insulation, outfit your unit with heating or cooling, fabricate a custom office – the possibilities of what we can create for you out of a new shipping container are virtually endless. See our Modifications section for more information.


Containers First can quickly add whatever you need to your new shipping container, including shelving, security lock boxes, electrical hook-up, data pre-wiring, interior and exterior lighting, and much more. For more options, visit our Accessories section.

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New Shipping Containers For Sale

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