As more and more businesses and individuals are discovering, steel shipping containers can be used for more than just cargo transport. With a little imagination and the right design/build expertise, used containers can be re-purposed for just about anything, from a multi-story home to a mobile bar. And these amazing transformations can take place at a lower cost and a much quicker pace than most conventional building methods. Plus, you just can’t beat the strength and durability of corrugated steel.

 If You Can Imagine It, We Can Build It

Australia’s first choice for top quality container modifications is the highly skilled team of engineers and builders at Containers First. Both government and private sectors turn to Containers First when critical projects must meet the highest standards of quality whilst providing equally exceptional value. We’ve successfully designed, fabricated and delivered countless container modifications from the routine to the challenging. With Container First’s technical expertise and innovative thinking on your project, you can be assured whatever you can imagine, we can build.

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Here are just some of the more innovative container modification projects Containers First is capable of creating for a wide variety of clients:

  • Ablution Units
  • Affordable Housing
  • Portable Buildings
  • Animal Shelters
  • Military Training Units
  • Dangerous Goods/Explosives Storage
  • Decontamination Showers
  • Diver Training Tank
  • Generator Room
  • Gun Safe
  • Meat Cooler
  • Mobile Kitchen/Bar
  • Travelling Showcase
  • Diagnostic Testing Room
  • Multi-Story Office/Residence
  • Field Laboratory
  • First Aid Unit
  • Smoking Shed/Shelter
  • Horse Stable
  • Switch Room
  • Welding Station
  • Wine Cellar
  • Workshop

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If your container modifications are slightly less elaborate, we offer many very simple and cost-effective solutions that can quickly adapt your container for your specific needs. Some of the very basic modifications Containers First offers include:

  • Entry doors – Instead of using the container’s standard cargo doors, one or more entry doors can be added for faster and easier access
  • Windows/Skylights – A variety of affordable options are available to bring natural light into your unit
  • Custom paint – Your choice of colours to enhance the aesthetics of your container, both inside and out
  • Flooring – Steel, vinyl, rubberised spray, or just about any floor covering you want is an option
  • Shelving – Most shelf additions are typically quick and easy and do not require structural modifications to install
  • Electrical/Lighting/Communications – We can install power outlets, data and phone lines, as well as a wider variety of interior and exterior lighting packages
  • Air Condition/Heaters/Ventilation – Many add-on options are available for controlling interior temperatures
  • Insulation – Fibreglass or polystyrene foam, enclosed by wall coverings of your choice are available for maximum climate control year round
  • Security Locks – Several different mechanisms are available to keep your container’s contents secure

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