High Cubes

The height of dependable shipping and storage.

Containers First stocks a wide selection of new and used 6m and 12m ISO High Cube shipping containers for sale, hire or lease.

High Cube shipping containers provide an extra foot of floor to ceiling space over standard intermodal 16m and 12m containers.

For even more efficient packing, Containers First offers a Two-Pallet configuration of the High Cube that’s a little wider to allow two Australian-size pallets to fit side by side inside the container.

Containers First offers competitively priced High Cubes fully certified for sea, road and rail shipping, as well as strong and secure used containers that provide a very economical solution to meet all your storage needs on-site.

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Ship More

Container First’s Export Grade 6m and 12m High Cube shipping containers meet all ISO requirements for intermodal shipping. Because High Cubes offer greater packing capacity, shippers can fit more cargo in fewer containers for more economical transport.

Store More

High Cubes are a popular choice for customers who want dedicated storage units that are durable, secure, and offer a little extra room. Just some of the advantages of higher capacity High Cubes include:

  • Storage of large or awkward items
  • Extra height for double-stacking pallets
  • More space for bulky or voluminous items
  • Easy forklift access with an extra foot of entryway clearance

High Cubes are a low maintenance and long-lasting storage solution that are suitable for almost any on-site dry goods storage. Some of the more common uses for High Cubes as storage units include:

  • Storing household or office furnishings
  • Temporary or seasonal inventory storage
  • Supplemental storage for business and homes
  • School equipment and supplies storage
  • Tool and supply storage for construction sites

High Cube Portable Buildings Stand Tall

High Cubes’ built-in height advantage present the ideal framework to create a comfortable and attractive portable building. For example, the additional foot of overhead space can allow for the mounting of forced air ducts, light fixtures, and ceiling fans, with ample room for a drop ceiling to create a more finished look. Please see our Modifications section for more details on how Containers First can modify your shipping containers.

High Cube Specifications

Dimensions            6 metre         12 metre

Length (Ext)              6060mm       12190mm

Width (Ext)                 2440mm       2440mm

Height (Ext)               2900mm       2900mm

Length (Int)               5800mm       11900mm

Width (Int)                  2286mm       2291mm

Height (Int)                2660mm       2660mm



Tare (approx.)           3200kg          4110kg

Cargo Capacity        27280kg        28390kg

Cubic Capacity         28.4m3          58.9m3

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The storage solution that comes to you.

Containers First’s 3m, 6m and 12m shipping containers for sale, hire or lease can be easily re-purposed for almost any on-site general storage requirement.

Selecting a used shipping container over a new one is the most economical choice for most common storage needs. At Containers First, you can choose either a Premium or Standard grade used container, depending on your application and budget. All containers are certified by Containers First to be weatherproof and watertight with fully functional interlocking doors with good seals.

Just some of the business uses of shipping containers for storage units include:

  • Excess inventory storage
  • Safe-keeping or business documents
  • Temporary portable warehouse space for large retailers and discount clubs.
  • Storage of business equipment
  • Agricultural tools or feed storage
  • Tools and construction materials
  • Transport and storage unit for removalists

More and more homeowners are also choosing used shipping containers for convenient on-site storage to keep all kinds of items safe and secure including:

  • Temporary household storage during remodel
  • Home furnishings and accessories
  • Emergency supplies storage
  • Hobbyists tools and material storage
  • Landscaping equipment
  • Recreational vehicles and water toys

Why lease expensive and inconvenient off-site storage space?

The cost to hire monthly storage space at an off-site facility can add up quickly. Plus there is the inconvenience of packing up your items and transporting them to your unit. And then, the frequent trips back and forth to retrieve items or place additional ones in storage.

Having your own shipping container storage unit on-site offers many advantages:

  • Affordable Storage  Hiring, leasing or purchasing shipping containers for storage from Containers First is a cost-effective alternative to hiring a unit long term at an off-site facility.
  • Convenient Access  Our storage units come to you, not the other way around. Containers First can deliver your secure shipping container straight away to your home or business. Your stored goods will always be just steps away and accessible 24/7.
  • Portable Storage  Shipping containers are simple to reposition with a forklift, so you can move your storage unit anytime you like, or transport it anywhere you like if you decide to relocate your business or residence.
  • Fast Delivery  Containers First can deliver a standard storage unit to most locations in Australia within 72 hours or less of your completed transaction.
  • Customisable  Containers First can modify your shipping container to include almost anything you want such as shelving, electrical pre-wiring, insulation, ventilation, heating/cooling units, light fixtures, and much more. Visit our Accessories section for more information.

Containers First ensures a smooth delivery

We pre-plan every aspect of your shipping container delivery with you to make sure it will be properly positioned and easily accessible. A delivery expert will discuss all the details with you, including any site preparation work that might be needed, well before your scheduled delivery date.

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