The Perfect Fit for Oversized Cargo

Have extra large or heavy and bulky cargo you need to transport? Flat Racks and Open Top shipping containers are a simple solution to getting the most hard to handle freight safely secured and ready to ship. Containers First sells, hires and leases Flat Rack and Open Top intermodal containers in both 6m (20ft.) and 12m (40ft.) sizes. Most can be delivered within 72 hours almost anywhere in Australia.

Flat Racks Were Designed for “Everything Else”

Flat Racks are ideal for local hauling or international transport of cargo that is unusually heavy, bulky, or takes up more space than will fit into the standard dimensions of an intermodal container. Flat Racks (also referred to as flat beds) are shipping containers with the two longest sides removed, while the two end walls remain securely positioned. All Containers First Flat Racks are built to ISO standards with steel frames, corrugated steel end walls, and thick plywood or plank flooring.

Some examples of the cargo Flat Racks can make light work of include:

  • Industrial machinery and parts
  • Heavy equipment
  • Trucks and automobiles
  • Construction materials
  • Concrete pipes
  • Coiled Steel

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Flat Rack Configurations Available at Containers First

Flat Racks with fixed ends

Fixed-end Flat Racks feature load bearing end walls that are permanently affixed in an upright position. Multiple flat racks can be stacked just like a standard ISO containers when not in use to conserve ground space.

Flat Racks with collapsible ends

Collapsible-end Flat Racks feature end walls that can be folded inward to lay flush against the floor when not in use. These Flat Rack units can be efficiently stored in “stacks” while awaiting service

Flat Racks with no ends

Most often called “platform containers,” this Flat Rack configuration has no end walls – particularly useful for transporting unusually long and bulky cargo such as tubes and pipes.

General Flat Rack Specifications:

DIMENSIONS                        20′                  40′

Length Overall                      5850mm       12050mm

Width                                      2230mm       2120mm

Height                                                2150mm       1960mm

CAPACITIES             20′                  40′

Tare (approx.)                       3100kg          6646kg

Cargo Capacity                    20015kg        30476kg

(Exact specifications may vary)

Open Top Shipping Containers Take it From the Top

Open Top Shipping Containers are basically a standard ISO container minus the steel roof section. The cargo is lowered into the shipping container with a crane or other heavy-duty equipment that uses a jib or arm. While some Open Tops include a removable hard top, most come with attachable roof bows and a covering such as canvas or tarpaulin to protect the contents of the unit during transport. Open Top containers include two steel doors at one end, complete with locking bars and watertight rubber seal. An Open Top configuration is ideal for shipping loose goods or bulky items that need four walls to be securely contained.

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Uses for Open Top shipping containers include:

  • Scrap metal bins
  • Shipping large tyres
  • Industrial equipment
  • Heavy machinery
  • Steel pipes

General Specifications for Open Tops:

DIMENSIONS                        20′                  40′

Length (external)                 6058mm       12192mm

Width (external)                    2438mm       2438mm

Height (external)                  2591mm       2591mm

Length (internal)                  5880mm       12010mm

Width (internal)                    2330mm       2330mm

Height (internal)                   2310mm       2310mm

CAPACITIES             20′                  40′

Tare (approx.)                       2300kg          3950kg

Max Gross Weight               21700kg        26530kg

Cubic Capacity                     32.6m³           66.7m³

(Exact specifications may vary)

 The Building Blocks of Architects

Open Top shipping containers are often used in building complex container structures such as multi-level homes and offices buildings. Open Top containers save construction crews the time and expense of removing unneeded roofs where plans call for the installation of lifts and stairways. Flat Racks also find new uses outside of the transport industry – one of the most common re-purposing of Flat Racks is for the construction of short but sturdy bridges and secure elevated walkways.

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