Containers First Puts Safety First.

Keep Your Dangerous Goods and Business Safe

Trust your Dangerous Goods Storage solutions to the experts in hazardous material containment

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Container First’s portable Dangerous Goods containers will not only keep your dangerous goods secure, they’re also certified to meet all legislative standards to protect your business from severe fines and penalties that could result from improper hazardous materials storage.

Our Dangerous Goods Containers fully comply with all Australian Standards including AS1940-20054 and the Dangerous Goods Safety Management Act.

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Built For Storage, Tough Enough For Transport

All our Dangerous Goods Storage solutions are converted ISO shipping containers designed to withstand the rigors of sea, rail or road transportation while fully loaded. From on-site repositioning to cross-continent shipping, you can be assured a Containers First Dangerous Goods Storage container will always keep your hazardous materials safe and secure.

First-rate Protection for Every Application

Our Dangerous Goods Storage units easily allow for efficient access and handling of contents whilst providing the ultimate in protection for both people and the environment.

Our fully robust and easily portable containers are ideal for all dangerous material storage including:

• Class 3 flammables
• Paint and paint solvents
• Oil and diesel
• Hazardous liquids
• Other potentially dangerous substances

In addition to dangerous materials, our quality-built Dangerous Goods containers are the perfect solution for keeping non-hazardous materials safe whilst minimising the risk of spills or leaks.

A Range of Dangerous Goods Storage Solutions

Containers First offers a choice of Dangerous Goods storage containers for every need:

2.3m Minicube
• Ideal for storage in a limited space
• Easily repositioned with forklift
• Storage Capacity: 3,690L
• Bund Capacity: 1,128L

3m (10’ Pallet Wide)
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• 6cm extra height, 4cm extra width over 6m unit
• Storage Capacity: 3,750L
• Bund Capacity: 1,250L

6m (20’)

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• Optional double door side access
• Storage Capacity 11,820L
• Bund Capacity 3,940L

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All our Dangerous Goods storage containers include the following standard enhancements and safety features:

• Fully painted premium grade container
• Internal emergency door handle
• Weatherproof ventilation
• Fully Welded steel flooring
• Bunded floor with industrial meshing
• Lockable stainless steel valve for removing split product
• Relevant plates and hazard signage

Optional accessories available include:

• Roller doors
• Heavy duty shelving
• Security lock box
• Intrinsic lighting
• Internal gantry system for your heavier storage items
• Many other custom additions – ask your Containers First representative for details

Containers First Dangerous Goods Storage Containers are available for either hire or sale. Ask us for a quote today!


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