Shipping Container For School Sports Equipment Storage – Tempe High School

When Tempe High School was struggling to store their sports equipment in a closet that was way too small, which meant it was cluttered they wanted a solution that was large, secure and easy. Building a new permanent storage shed was difficult and expensive. When they contacted Containers First to see if a shipping container might be an option they were surprised to discover what was on offer at an amazing price that was well within the budget. With help from the team at Containers First, they customised a standard shipping container into something that was perfect for them. One of the most attractive parts of using a shipping container was that it was easy to install in a position close to where the sports equipment is being used. Even though they had to remove and replace some fence panels on the day, there was no construction site downtime, where there would have been with a standard shed. You can see in the video below how easy the delivery was and this was done before students arrive for school in less than one hour at 7:00 am on a school day. Check out the list of items included in this container and see the video below to see how the container was delivered and installed.

Here is a list of the customisation that Tempe High used on their container:

  1. Personal access door – for easy side access
  2. Standard window with security bars –providing light & ventilation, security bars for break-in protection, and also balls hitting the window etc.
  3. Lock Box – for extra security on the container end doors
  4. Container Padlock that is specifically designed to work better in the lock boxes compared to standard hook type padlocks
  5. Standard Shelving – 4 tier, 2m(H), 0.6m (W) – adjustable. Supplied installed and ready to use.
  6. Low Shelving – 2 Tier (0.95m(H) x 0.6m (W) to go under the window, along one side, leaving space for the door. This maximised storage space without blocking the window.
  7. Levelling blocks – to make delivery easier and reduce the need for preparation before installation.
  8. Economy paint with colourbond colour upgrade to go with their colour scheme around the school.
  9. Standard electrical (2 lights and 1 x double GPO) – The school is now able to connect the container to mains power and make it bright inside the container when organising the stored items.
  10. Whirlybird and vent combo to ensure that no excess humidity would build up in the container and keep it well ventilated.

If you think your school or sports club could benefit from a shipping container that has been modified to store sports equipment
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