Shipping containers for Sale Sydney – Painted in Colorbond Colours

So many of our customers are excited to find out that we can paint our shipping containers for sale Sydney.

Sydney is full of lovely homes and an old rusted shipping container can really have a poor impact on how your property looks. You can still take advantage of a shipping container as a great value storage solution, keep your house looking great and your neighbours happy with a fresh coat of paint in your choice of colorbond colours!

Check out this compact 10ft container with woodland grey paint to match the new owners taste…


 Shipping containers for Sale Sydney - Painted in Colorbond Colours


If you would like a shipping container price fill in our easy quote form or call 1300 556 991

New shipping containers prices – Not Just a box!!

Check out new shipping containers prices, you will surprised how great value this option could be!

Traditionally people have been buying and using second hand shipping container for all kinds of uses including simple storage through to converting into buildings. Entire houses have been built from shipping container! What many people do not know is that there is often only a small difference in price between a good quality (often called A grade) container and a brand new (one way trip) container. Too keep a good stock of high quality container for domestic use container operators often buy brand new containers from overseas and use them only once to ship goods to Australia. Once here they are available to hire, lease or buy.

If you are considering using a use container for anything other than short term storage the difference in quality is far great than the difference in price when comparing used shipping containers to new shipping containers prices. Here is an example of a new shipping container modified with a window to be used as a portable building.

New shipping containers prices

Containers First has a range of new & used containers for sale or hire ready for you today. Contact Containers First HERE or call 1300 556 991 to chat with our friendly team of experts.

Starbuck Puts Up “INSTANT” Coffee Houses Built With Used Shipping Containers

With more than 19,000 locations in 62 countries, Starbucks is stirring things up a bit with a new store design made out of used shipping containers.

The recently-built Chicago location is the chain’s fifth location incorporating used shipping containers, all part of a company-wide effort to reduce the giant coffee retailer’s carbon footprint.

The first such project was a LEED-certified container store built near the company’s U.S. headquarters in Seattle two years ago. Whilst the Chicago store used six shipping containers, the company’s smallest modularly designed store is built out of one 40-foot container and an 8-foot mini-container.

Starbuck used shipping containers

Starbuck used shipping containers store

The 700-square-foot Chicago store is a walk-up or drive-through unit, so there is no indoor seating for patrons or WiFi access to the internet as most of its other free-standing locations offer. However the store does offer a large patio in front with some outdoor seating.

The company says the idea to set up shop in shipping containers came from the company headquarters that overlooks the busy port of Puget Sound with its rows upon rows of stacked shipping containers – the same kind Starbucks uses to import and export its coffees around the world.

The Chicago store took a few hours and a crane to unload the modified shipping containers and bolt them to the foundation.

Most of the store’s design was completed at a fabrication plant in California before it was transported to Chicago.

Its location at Broadway and Devon in the Windy City makes it particularly handy for students from nearby Tricoci and Loyola universities to drop by for a sophisticated cup of joe.

Other “green” features of the store include a roof that catches rainwater and funnels it to the store’s landscaping. The store also has an exterior covering made out of reclaimed materials. And even the famous Starbucks sign is fashioned from the steel of a shipping container.

This is a great idea for Starbucks – or any company for that matter – to use shipping containers at the core of their design to not only save on construction costs, but to demonstrate their support for more sustainable building practises.


If you too have an idea to reduce your companies carbon footprint and think that a modified shipping container could be the solution contact Containers First today. Call 1300 556 991 or click here to contact out team.

Second hand shipping containers for sale with sliding door and window

Recently we helped one of our customers who was looking for second hand shipping containers for sale repurpose a 4oft shipping container.

With the addition of a sliding door and a window he was able to convert this shipping container into a easily moveable portable building. The glass sliding door provides easy access and combined with the window allows a good amount of light into the container. If you are considering hunting for a good second hand shipping container for sale put a little thought into what your plans are for the use of the container and ask about how we might be able to customise or modify to make it perfect.

second hand shipping containers for sale

second hand shipping containers for sale

second hand shipping containers for sale

second hand shipping containers for sale

second hand shipping containers for sale

second hand shipping containers for sale

second hand shipping containers for sale

second hand shipping containers for sale


If you are interested in finding a shipping container for sale that you could modify or simply use as is for storage container Containers First today.


Buying direct from the Depot gives you the best quality. All our used containers have been thoroughly inspected, repaired if necessary, and certified by Containers First to be fully secure, lockable, weatherproof, and vermin proof. You can expect many years of service from our certified containers, with most requiring only minimal ongoing maintenance. Check out the popular options below and grab an obligation free quote.

Shipping containers for sale: We added Benches and Electrical!

These day there are heaps of people looking for Shipping containers for sale….

If you have a grand ideas to find a shipping containers for sale and then converting into a man cave, workshop, extra room or using the shipping container for simple storage. No matter what the idea we know it can be done. Check our these photos below of a shipping container with steel work benches, electrical and lighting added so that it can be used as a workshop.

Shipping containers for sale Sydney

Shipping containers for sale Sydney

On this second photo you can also see that the end container door have been replace solid wall panels and a roller door has been added to the side making this shipping containers easy to open and access.

Shipping containers for sale

Shipping containers for sale

If you are looking for second hand shipping containers contact Container First.

Used Shipping Container For Sale Held A Treasure Trove of Historic Movie Memorabilia!

A Victorian farmer’s humble shipping containers played a starring role in preserving movie memorabilia from posters to projectors dating back 100 years or more. All found in a Used Shipping Container For Sale.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, four Used Shipping Container For Sale containing floor to ceiling treasure troves of film history were bought in an estate sale last year and are now destined for “The Rex” – a community-owned theatre in Charlton.

Historic Films stored in a shipping container - Used Shipping Container For Sale

Used Shipping Container For Sale

The farmer and lifetime movie buff who passed away in 2011 was Keith McDonald, the former operator of the St Arnaud’s town hall projector. David Pollard, mayor of Buloke Shire and now the new curator of the collection, says The Rex plans to build a museum at the theatre to display many of the historic items. Mr Pollard, a projectionist at The Rex since 1980, is also the theatre’s vice chairman.

Just some of the more noteworthy contents of the four shipping containers according to the Herald include:

  • Film of the 1930 Melbourne Cup, famously won by Phar Lap
  • A 100-year old hand crank Pathe projector
  • scenes from around Geelong on colour painted glass slides – estimated to be from the 1800s
  • 1937 reels of Walt Disney’s Snow White
  • Copy of the 1914 film serial Exploits of Elaine
  • A 1938 film on nitrate of A Desperate Adventure
  • A timber box office
  • Old film of Melbourne trams
  • A 1951 post of The Frogmen
  • Vintage microphone and 16mm silent-film projector

Whilst plans for the museum are still being formulated, the collection is temporarily stored at Mr Pollard’s Teddywaddy farm.

We don’t know how long the farmer had been using the shipping containers as storage vaults for his amazing collection, but we’re guessing decades. Goes to show you how durable these steel boxes really are.

If you need to store anything you can buy a used shipping container from Containers First

Historic Films stored in a shipping container 2 Historic Films stored in a shipping container 3

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