Mini Display & Transport




  • Modified 20-ft used container
  • Opening front and sides
  • Checker plate flooring and front deck
  • 2 large, mounted LCD screens
  • High tech sound system
  • Custom power supply
  • Custom paint and signage

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When MINI wanted to hit the road in Australia to showcase its latest Coupe and Roadster models, the British automaker put Containers First in the driver’s seat to economically design, build and transport its display and cars across five states.
Working under a tight deadline and budget, Containers First transformed a used, 20-foot container into a sleek, mobile promotion
that would attract crowds – whilst protecting its precious cargo on the long road trip.
The X-week Australian leg of the “Another Day, Another Adventure” international campaign was a turbocharged success for MINI, thanks in part to the top-quality modifications and expert logistics provided by Containers First.


Shipping container case study pdf download
Conatiners First_Case Study_v1_mini

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Modified Shippping Contianer - Deerubbin Water

Deerubbin Water




  • Fully transportable to AS4615.1 and AS4615.2
  • Capable to be filled with water with minimal side wall extension to 26kn/M2 at 2.6 meter of water.
  • Internal / external ladder access systems
  • Inspection widow at 1.3 meters optional if sight required from outside – in
  • 100mm butterfly valve for filling / empting

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Even thought this container may not look as innovative as many other modifications do it is what is hidden away from view that makes this job interesting.
Deerubbin Water Features where in need of a top loading square tank to store extremely heavy Ultrafiltration Membranes that must be store wet. Containers First developed a proprietary system to re-enforce the take for large volume of liquids
Shipping container case study pdf download
Containers First_Case Study_v3_Deerubbin

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Modified Shippping Contianer - Endeavor Energy Featured

Endeavor Energy




  • Fully transportable Road, Rail and Ocean freight.
  • Pop up external drawing bench with sun shelter
  • Custom racking and shelving to required specification
  • Floor anchors to tie your load down safely
  • Custom power supply with 10 and 15amp power points and lighting
  • 1 x heavy duty access ramp hung on left door when not required

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When build quality, technical expertise and customer service was needed, Endeavour Energy turned to the team at Containers First to build their mobile workshops.
Designed in conjunction with the field staff to be ideal for substation projects and made to suit future refurbishment when required. The mobile workshops were acquired for use by the substation crews. The client said“Our field guys have been very happy with the end product, the quality of build and internal fit out has been excellent.”
When considering the build, it was found that only Containers First came up with a competitive price, superior quality of build and
shortdelivery timeframe.


Shipping container case study pdf download
Conatiners Frist_Case Study_v2_Endeavour

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There are many options available in second hand, new and reconditioned shipping containers including a number of standard accessories. The prices listed below exclude GST and delivery. If you have indicated that you require your container delivered, one of our customer service team will contact you within 1 business day to provide the most cost effective price for your delivery. Further to this, you will be contacted to ensure that the correct information and pricing has been supplied and to offer you a little of our award winning customer service.

Until then you can reply to this email if you have any questions or call us on 1300 558 327.




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There is a great a page on our website that has some great info and some fequently asked questions including:

1. Are your used shipping containers water proof and vermin resistant.

2. What is the normal cosmetic condition of a used shipping container?

3. What colours can I choose from?

4. What are the exact sizes of standard shipping containers?

CLICK HERE TO SEE FAQ’S or you are welcome to call 1300 558 327 and ask for me (Reg) or Paul and we can go through any additional information you may like or need.

If you can image it, we can build it. CLICK HERE to read more…

It is easy to choose from our range high quality used shipping containers, for detailed information on selecting the best one for you CLICK HERE to read more…

It is easy to choose from our range high quality used shipping containers, for detailed information on selecting the best one for you CLICK HERE to read more…

Used Shipping Containers


Save money. Save time.

Selecting a less-expensive second hand or refurbished used shipping container over a newer build is often the great choice, especially if you’re planning on modifying your container or using it for any number of common aftermarket applications such as storage.

Containers First always stocks a wide selection of 3m, 6m and 12m used shipping containers available immediately for sale, hire or lease. Delivery to most areas is available within 72 hours; Same-day delivery may be possible to select locations.
Quality comes first.
All our used containers have been thoroughly inspected, repaired if necessary, and certified by Containers First to be fully secure, lockable, weatherproof, and vermin proof. You can expect many years of service from our certified used containers, with most requiring only minimal ongoing maintenance.
At Containers First, our second hand containers are available in a number of grades that allow you to select the most economically priced container for your specific needs. You may want to choose a lower grade container for simple static storage, or a higher grade that is better suited for active transport. A Containers First representative will discuss all the options with you to make sure you hire or purchase the best used container for your intended use.

Built to Last.

All our used containers were originally constructed (or refurbished at our facility) to meet ISO standards using high-grade materials that include:


  • Steel Frame
  • Timber Flooring

  • Double Doors (opens 270 degrees)
  •  Corrugated Steel Walls
Need simple accessories?
Containers First can easily retrofit your used shipping container with accessories to enhance its useability.
Just some of the available accessories include:
  • Heavy Duty Locking Device for added security
  • Louvered Vents to allow air flow
  • Whirly Birds to increase to reduce inside temperature
  • Shelving options from archive to heavy duty


Want major modifications?
Containers First specialises in transforming used shipping containers into everything from mobile field offices, to livestock shelters, to comfortable living units – and just about anything in between. If you can imagine it, we can build it. Innovative ideas from Australia’s leading container modifications team.

School Storage Solutions

The answer of course is – all of the above!

Used shipping containers could be the quick, Easy and affordable answer

to all your school’s extra storage needs…plus a whole lot more!


  • Bulky student records
  • Theatre department props
  • Woodworking classes’ timber and paints
  • Maintenance tools and chemicals
  • Extra library books or textbooks
  • Excess school furniture
  • Anything you want to keep safe and secure!

Instead of hiring an off-site storage unit, you could have your very own secure storage right on your school grounds that can be accessed quickly and easily anytime. And Containers First can add any accessories you need such as shelving, lighting, doors, windows, insulation, climate control, internet wiring, and much more!

Need more storage? Need extra space?

We’re the experts at transforming standard shipping containers into alternative uses that are truly amazing. With a little imagination, your school could have:

  • An instant computer lab for students
  • An annex to your library
  • A concession stand or ticket office for games and special events
  • A botanical garden learning centre
  • A portable demonstration kitchen for cooking classes
  • Anything you can imagine, Containers First can create!

We’ll Paint It Or You Can Make It A School Art Project.

If “marine green” is not your favourite colour – we can paint your container in the ColorBond colour you choose that will stand up beautifully to the Aussie elements. Or you can let student’s paint the exterior with your school’s name, mascot, or whatever design you choose. We’ll help you select the right paints, and advise you on how to best apply them.

Certified Tough and Long-Lasting

Every Containers First corrugated steel cargo container we offer has been refurbished to our high standards, certified to be structurally sound, and guaranteed windproof, waterproof and vermin proof. Our containers will provide your school with many years of trouble-free use with minimal maintenance.

Here’s just a sample of what we can do…take a look at the Taste Mobile Kitchen we created for The Benevolent Society and Banksia Road Public School.

Need To Move It? No problem!

Our shipping containers are simple to move to a different location at your school using a standard forklift. Greater distances are no problem either, we’ll be happy to load it on a truck and take it wherever it needs to go.

Containers for Sale or Hire – Usually Delivered Within 48 hours

Containers First can offer you a choice of container sizes, available for outright purchase, short term or long term hire, or lease. Most unmodified containers are available for delivery within a couple of days – accessorised or reconfigured containers will take a little longer.

Take advantage of this exclusive, limited time offer for any Australian public or private school or university! To learn more, and to see all the different sizes and configurations of shipping containers we have available, please call or visit our website today!

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For more information or a quote, please contact us today:
Phone 1300 556 991 or email [email protected]

Refrigerated Containers


Need A Cold One In A Hurry?

Keep Your Cool With Containers First. Whenever you need a reliable chiller/freezer storage unit or cool rooms delivered fast, call the experts at Containers First. We stock a large inventory of 6m and 12m walk-in refrigerated containers ready for immediate delivery.
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Using international standard technology support is available almost anywhere in Australia. Our all-electric units run quiet and save you the fuel and expense of diesel generator-powered units. Each unit includes solid steel framework, heavy-duty insulation, and aluminium t-bar flooring for exceptional strength and durability. Ideal for either indoor or outdoor use, and just as simple to operate and maintain as your home refrigerator. All include internal lighting, emergency escape alarm, and secure locking. Refrigerated shipping containers are simple to reposition and ISO compliant for easy transport to any national or international location.
Solid Construction, Dependable Operation.
All our refrigerated containers can be used as a freezer or chiller, and feature:
  • -20C to +20C Temperature Range
  • Stainless Steel-Lined Interior
  • Aluminium Exterior
  • T-section Aluminium Flooring
  • Standard 440 Volt / 3-Phase Power for efficient operation
  • Much Stronger & More Reliable than most purpose-built units

Reliable On-Site Cold Storage For Anything, Anywhere.


  • Special Events Catering
  • Perishable Goods Distributors
  • Dairy Products
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Farmers Markets
  • Importers and Exporters
  • Resin Storage
  • Cold Room Labs
  • Hospital/Biotech Storage
  • Institutional Cafeterias
  • Emergency Food Transport
  • Temporary Food Storage for Renovations
  • Any Temperature-sensitive Goods Storage

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Hire, Lease or Purchase available.
No long-term contracts required – hire for only as long as you need. New and used units also available for purchase. Save the time and expense of installing a built-in unit. Many businesses that already have on-site cold storage, hire or purchase one of our economical units to handle unexpected fluctuations in inventory or to expand storage capacity for seasonal demands. Refrigerated shipping containers can be purchased as a cost effective alternative to building a custom cool room and can be moved to a new premises if required making it an exceptional investment when compared to having a cool room integrated into a building.
Purchase With Any Upgrade You Want.
We’ll modify your refrigerated containers to meet your specific needs. Some additional options include:


  • Shelving
  • Ramps
  • Easy-access Single Doors
  • Double Doors for Bulk Loading

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  • Butchers’ Curtains
  • Digital Thermostats
  • Security Alarms and Locks
All Containers First refrigerated containers are thoroughly inspected and “pre-tripped” before delivery to ensure uninterrupted service at your site. For extra peace of mind, we can arrange 24/7 emergency breakdown service by a qualified refrigeration technician in most major urban areas throughout Australia.

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For more information or a quote, please contact us today:
Phone 1300 556 991 or email [email protected]
23-25 Gould Street | South Strathfield NSW 2136 n F: 02 9642 5008 n ABN: 68 002 196 385




Dangerous Goods Storage

Containers First Puts Safety First

Keep Your Dangerous Goods and Business Safe. Trust your Dangerous Goods Storage solutions to the experts in hazardous material containment dangerous-good-storage. Container First’s portable Dangerous Goods containers will not only keep your dangerous goods secure, they’re also certified to meet all legislative standards to protect your business from severe fines and penalties that could result from improper hazardous materials storage. Our Dangerous Goods Containers fully comply with all Australian Standards including AS1940-20054 and the Dangerous Goods Safety Management Act.

10ft Dangerous Good Storage Container

3m (10’ Pallet Wide)

  • 6cm extra height,
  • 4cm extra width over 6m unit
  • Storage Capacity: 3,750L
  • Bund Capacity: 1,250L

6m (20’)

  • Optional double door side access
  • Storage Capacity 11,820L
  • Bund Capacity 3,940L

First-rate Protection for Every Application. Our Dangerous Goods Storage units easily allow for efficient access and handling of contents whilst providing the ultimate in protection for both people and the environment. Our fully robust and easily portable containers are ideal for all dangerous material storage including:

  • Class 3 flammables
  • Paint and paint solvents
  • Oil and diesel
  • Hazardous Liquids
  • Other potentially dangerous substances

In addition to dangerous materials, our quality-built Dangerous Goods containers are the perfect solution for keeping non-hazardous materials safe whilst minimising the risk of spills or leaks.

Containers First Dangerous Goods Storage Containers are available for either hire or sale.

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For more information or a quote, please contact us today:
Phone 1300 556 991 or email [email protected]

Portable Buildings

Space – Anytime, Anyplace

Containers First has the ideal portable space…ready to go for companies on the go – whether it’s to meet short-term needs or you’re looking for a more permanent solution. Portable Buildings from shipping containers are the perfect way to add flexible, cost-effective, and fully-functional space on an as-needed basis that can easily grow along with your company. Our versatile fleet of portable buildings can have you up and running in a matter of days, with your choice of in-stock 3m, 6m or 12m buildings ready for fast delivery.

Some of the applications for this quick and economical solution may include:

  • Job Site Offices
  • Sales Offices
  • Additional Office Space
  • Lunch Rooms
  • Ablution Units (Male & Female)
  • Change Rooms
  • First Aid Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Classroom
  • Ticket Booths
  • Special Events

Get your company in full swing with the extra space or special buildings you need fast. Containers First Portable Building services include space planning, custom configurations, delivery, installation and prompt de-installation.

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For more information or a quote, please contact us today:
Phone 1300 556 991 or email [email protected]

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